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How often do you prepare food at home? 👩🍳👨🍳

7:10 AM

Most of us eat nearly 3️⃣ times more sugar than we should! These can hide in 🍰, fizzy drinks, juice, 🍫, pastries, chips, 🍪, yoghurts, 🍬, and 🍦. Consuming too much sugar can lead to the build-up of ⚠️harmful fat on the inside that we cannot see, which can cause ⚠️weight gain and ⚠️serious diseases in the future. Our actions are our future! Be conscious with sugar.

4:06 AM
Nicholas Waltham

💓🤔 Life Choices Number 6 💬Talk to people. Share your knowledge and respect for food. 🤓 Food connects us all. Help people re-connect with food for a #ZeroHunger lifestyle and what it stands for by sharing your knowledge and passion with those around you: your family, friends and colleagues.👩👨 👩👨👩👨 For example, learn to cook or swap recipes, grow your own food, participate in a community garden, or organize dinners with friends.🍲🍽️

10:36 AM
Nicholas Waltham
6:00 AM

FAO welcomes global recognition of fruits, vegetables, tea and food loss and waste UN General Assembly establishes new international year and days devoted to food and agriculture

6:01 AM

Try at home this hearty yummy red lentil and 🥕 soup!

5:59 AM

Be a food waste fighter and shop smart ✔️: Bring a shopping list and don’t give in to offers! 😉

12:42 AM

Pulses are densely packed with protein - 3x that of rice! 😲 They can be stored for months without losing their nutritional value 👌 😋

4:21 AM
Nicholas Waltham
9:34 AM

Be adventurous in your tastes, local in your choices.

9:35 AM
Nicholas Waltham
2:40 PM

Six ways food labels are helping you be a better you.

2:41 PM

The key to eating healthy is to enjoy a variety of nutritious foods from each of the 5️ food groups (pointer)

8:15 AM

185 litres of water is needed to produce 1 🥔. 🧡 your food, don’t waste it!

2:56 AM

2:57 AM
Nicholas Waltham
12:33 PM

Food is much more than what is on our plates What it really means to love and respect our food

12:33 PM

Swap white rice to brown 🍚 it contains more calcium, magnesium, and fiber supporting your muscles and bones 💪

1:34 AM
Nicholas Waltham
7:06 AM

Make #NotWasting food a personal resolution How you can avoid food waste no matter the holiday

7:06 AM
Nicholas Waltham
5:58 AM

Food labels 👇 ✅Keep you safe ✅Keep you healthy ✅Stop you from buying counterfeit products ✅Help detect ingredients that could cause you harmful reactions

5:59 AM

Challenge of the week: avoid sugary snacks every other day for the following 7 days! 🍬 🍩 🍰 🍦 A small step can make a huge difference 👍

1:17 AM
Nicholas Waltham
10:36 AM

We grow it. 🌱 We eat it. 🥗 We share it. 😊 Food connects us all. Let’s treat it with respect.👊

10:36 AM

Unhealthy diets have overtaken smoking as the 🌍's no.1 cause of death and disability! #WorldFoodDay focuses on making healthy and sustainable diets affordable and accessible to everyone!

1:57 AM
Nicholas Waltham
8:26 AM

Ready for the bin? Actually, no! Under the black peel, you’ll likely find a ripe banana 🍌 that is fine to eat! Peel before you throw! 🧐

8:27 AM
Nicholas Waltham
10:22 AM

Enough water? 🌊 Too much rain? 🌧️ Is the soil fertile?🌱 Pest outbreaks?🐛 👩‍🌾👨‍🌾A farmer battles against the elements on a daily basis to produce our food. 🥗🍽️ When it gets to our plates let's treat it with respect. ☺️

10:25 AM

☝️Practice FIFO: First In, First Out. Always use older products first, or those closer to expiry. 🥫 📅 #STOPFoodWaste

2:33 AM
Nicholas Waltham
11:31 AM

(droplet) Enough water? (rain) Too much rain? (sprout) Is the soil fertile? (fly) Pest outbreaks? A farmer battles against the elements on a daily basis to produce our food (cutlery) When it gets to our plates let's treat it with respect.

12:35 AM
Nicholas Waltham
11:42 AM

Fat-alert!⚠️ Many foods can contain too much saturated fats! ⚠️ A lot of saturated fat comes from butter, 🧀, 🥩, 🍰, pastries, 🍫, 🍪, sausages, and 🍕. Having too much can lead to a 🔺 harmful build-up of fat in our bodies, which can cause 🔺weight gain and 🔺serious diseases in the future.

2:17 AM
Nicholas Waltham
1:48 PM

Food is everything. From the soil, to the water, to the people who produce it. It deserves some respect.

1:48 PM

Legumes are essential for a healthy diet in the New Year, too🧡 🍲 Add a variety of beans, lentils, chickpeas to your meals as good sources of nutrients and proteins 😋

4:28 AM
Nicholas Waltham
1:00 AM

Food connects us all. We all need it, depend on it and survive because of it. Food deserves respect.

1:00 AM

Climate change is threatening the #FutureofFood and the livelihoods of millions of farmers. We need to take #ClimateAction now (pointer)

1:28 AM
Nicholas Waltham
9:13 AM

When we don't waste food we aren't just saving it from the bin. Reducing your #foodwaste has so many more benefits

9:14 AM

Most of the time leftover food can be transformed into other recipes, such as oven pasta, chicken casserole, stuffed veggies or even smoothies 😋 By doing so, you can ensure differentiation in your family’s diet (heart)(cutlery)

1:38 AM
Nicholas Waltham
2:46 PM

Do you know where your food comes from? Geographical Indications are making it a whole lot easier to find out

2:46 PM

☝️ Do you know where your food comes from? 🤔 Geographical Indications are making it a whole lot easier to find out.🧐

2:48 PM
Nicholas Waltham
11:09 AM

😱 We risk losing our #soils to an invisible threat - soil pollution. 📽️ Watch to find out how we can prevent this from happening

11:10 AM

The loss of biodiversity affects us all. 🍲 The food we eat depends on it. 💨 The air we breathe depends on it. 💧 The water we drink depends on it. Life as we know it wouldn’t exist.

5:07 AM

Climate change pressures agricultural ecosystems, particularly in vulnerably regions and populations. Pulses can be key to increasing resilience to climate change (muscle)

1:57 AM

Четвертая инфографика серии, основанной на пяти информационных бюллетенях, выпущенных для Международного года зернобобовых. В ней описывается воздействие, которое оказывает изменение климата на производство продовольствия и продовольственную безопасность во всем мире, одновременно иллюстрируя преимущества выращивания зернобобовых, их способность адаптироваться к изменению климата и способствовать смягчению его последствий (muscle)

1:59 AM

(bee) Honey is a nutritious, healthy and natural food produced by the bees. Its benefits go beyond its use as a sweetener as it contains several minerals, enzymes, vitamins and proteins that confer unique nutritious and organoleptic properties.

4:59 AM
Nicholas Waltham
5:11 AM

Today is World Pulses Day. Find out more about nature's nutritious seeds:

5:13 AM
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