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Raffaele Natale

1 - 0 for Invictus Gaming

4:36 AM
4:36 AM
4:39 AM

Here the Quadrakill video that closed the game! WOW!

4:39 AM

4:40 AM

Second game is starting!

4:53 AM
4:53 AM

The Shy is very good with bruiser champions, but Bwipo could find a solid and safe laning phase with his Urgot.

4:56 AM

The midlane is very important, but the FNC botlane has to deal with a Lucian-Alistar duo and this is very important! They can't give them any advantage

4:56 AM

The first phase of the game is about botlane for Broxah, then he probabily will move his focus on the midlane, waiting for the Azir Ultimate

4:57 AM

Anyway, if we compare the two FNC's draft we can say that this is more solid

4:59 AM


4:59 AM

Toplane gank for Invictus Gaming and Bwipo goes down!

4:59 AM

Identical action toplane and Bwipo goes down again! No flash, easy gank! Broxah tries to help but can't do nothing for a such jungle organization

5:01 AM

Identical action toplane and Bwipo goes down again! No flash, easy gank! Broxah tries to help but can't do anything for a such jungle organization

5:02 AM

Identical action toplane and Bwipo goes down again! No flash, easy gank! Broxah tries to help but can't do anything for such a jungle organization

5:02 AM
5:04 AM

Here's the situation! FNC gains back a kill in toplane for Broxah and the gold gap is not so big. The game is still very open

5:05 AM

For the third time, a gank in toplane kills Bwipo.

5:07 AM


5:07 AM

And Bwipo goes down for the forth time in this game

5:08 AM
5:08 AM

Caps takes a kill in the midlane on Rookie, but gets dived with Hyllissang and IG get a valuable double kill!

5:11 AM

Now it's 4k gold the gap between the two teams

5:11 AM

IG wants to fight: they go straight for the mid tower with the Herald and it's a double kill for Lucian. Not over!

5:13 AM


5:13 AM

The action here got for IG: a mid tower, four kills and a Infernal drake!

5:14 AM
5:15 AM

It's a one-way game: the IG lead can't be stopped so easly in late game thanks to the two infernal drakes. 16% increase damage for IG that will help them even more in this snowball

5:18 AM

Baron for FNC! But an ace for IG. It's really over now?

5:21 AM

Bot inhibitor gone for FNC. It's a defense game, but IG has too many ways to get better stats with all these drakes

5:23 AM

Mid inhibitor gone too! Now it's a very aggressive dive for IG, but now they retreat. Next aggression could be the last

5:26 AM
5:26 AM

And it's over. 2-0 for IG

5:27 AM

NO TOWERS THIS GAME FOR FNC! Almost a perfet game for IG

5:28 AM
5:39 AM
5:45 AM

A very good draft for Invictus gaming, very good for late game but also good in every phase. Interesting choise for FNC with Jax jungle, 1% pick rate in this tournament. Will it work?

5:48 AM
5:50 AM


5:50 AM

A very risky invade for Baolan that ends in his death and 600 extra gold for Caps

5:52 AM

FNC is too confident, a lv2 dive ends with a counter-jungling action and Hylissang dies

5:53 AM

Now IG are roaming in the red jungle and in the midlane, but the european players manage to avoid any death here

5:54 AM

Gank top successful for FNC and TheShy dies. This is what they needed, Broxah WANTS this so much

5:55 AM

Fun fact: Soaz loss the season 1 world finals AGAINST Fnatic!

5:57 AM

Jackeylove 3/0 now! And the bot turrets goes down. First brick for IG

6:00 AM

At least, Broxah takes the infernal drake

6:00 AM

Big fight in the midlane, IG is the winner and now Jackeylove in 5/0. How can you stop a Kai'sa so big at this point?

6:02 AM


6:02 AM
6:02 AM

Ace for IG in botlane. Rekkles got a double kill from this, but wasn't worth for them.

6:05 AM
6:05 AM

JackeyLove now 9/0/4 and it's an infernal drake for IG. HOW can FNC save this match now?

6:07 AM

Ning played first game focusing mid, the second top and the third bot. Every lane he focused carried the game. What a tactic! Everything worked as planned

6:08 AM


6:09 AM

He goes in, smites and dies stealing from the IG the final signature over the match

6:10 AM

Rekkles is trying so hard to win!

6:11 AM
6:11 AM
6:11 AM
6:12 AM

Broxah the thief!

6:12 AM

IG doesn't mind and fight hard to conquer Fnc's botlane!

6:13 AM

3 men down now for FNC, can they defend the nexus towers?

6:14 AM


6:14 AM


6:14 AM


6:14 AM


6:14 AM
6:16 AM

The final images, IG are the champions. The cup will be in China this year!

6:16 AM
6:18 AM
6:20 AM


6:41 AM

6:41 AM

6:41 AM
Валерий С

What a fight!

6:51 AM

2:36 PM

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