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Sabi ng friends ko, pangkilay na lang madalas ang gamit nilang makeup nagyon.

5:25 AM

Sabi ng friends ko, pangkilay na lang madalas ang gamit nilang makeup ngayon.

5:25 AM
Jacinda Lopez

omg nakakacrave ng lumpia nowwww!!

5:29 AM
Lily Tabanera

Ako din gossssh

5:29 AM

Happy for u, Cardi! (heart)

5:30 AM

Are you the Paranoid Selosa, the Pushover Selosa, or the Mother of All Selosas?

7:11 AM

Check this list out if sawa ka na sa mga red and pink lip tints!

8:00 AM

This one's for all the ube fans out there!! (purple_heart)

9:14 PM

Huhu another day, another breakup πŸ˜­πŸ’”πŸ˜”

9:51 PM
Retty Contreras

In light of our speculations of Hyun Bin being the new Bench endorser, we made this list. πŸ˜‚

12:44 AM

Super classic ng Lee Min Ho for Bench!

12:44 AM

Subtle lang! (heart)

3:28 AM

Nakakagigil talaga silaaa!! 🀬🀬🀬

3:38 AM
Lily Tabanera

Hahahaha getting annoyed just looking at the photos!! Ang galing nila lahat umarte though. 😍

3:45 AM
Jacinda Lopez


3:45 AM

Ano dito ang forever favorite ninyo?

3:56 AM
Jacinda Lopez

cheez whiz talaga for me!!!

4:02 AM
Andie Estella (work)

Grilled cheese forever though Nutella is a close second...that main image 😍

4:03 AM


4:07 AM

Time to channel your inner Nadine Lustre with these cute bralettes!! ✨✨✨

5:05 AM

Don’t worry, guys! It’s moved to Saturday naman!!

5:58 AM

Worth the wait yan, promise!!!

5:58 AM
Louise Ferrer

Is your crush's zodiac sign different from yours? That could actually be a good thing! (flirt)

7:43 AM

Hey, guys! Happy Friday!! (laugh) See what the stars have to say about your lipstick shade! (kiss)

11:53 PM

SOBRANG INTENSE NAAAAA! (note: we're only getting one epsisode this week huhu)

12:23 AM
Jacinda Lopez


12:24 AM
Lily Tabanera

SOBRANG INTENSE NAAAAA! (note: we're only getting one episode this week huhu)

12:24 AM

I tried this in broad daylight because di ko talaga kung gabi! 😩

1:02 AM
Louise Ferrer

Omg ang creepy nung videos!! πŸ‘€

1:03 AM

Ready na ako!

1:48 AM

They're also beginner-friendly! (wink)

4:27 AM

Time to make cute crop tops and co-ords!!! ✨

6:48 AM

Ooooh siya ba yung ~Whirlwind-Romancing Paasa~ or the ~Paasa Who Lingers~?

8:18 AM
Andie Estella (work)

Reading this even if I’m single πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

8:19 AM
Ysa Singson

My breakfast!!! (inlove)

10:06 PM
Lily Tabanera

Yummmm 😍😍😍

10:06 PM

They allege the Kardashians went to "unusual" lengths to prove Kylie's wealth, which included "creating tax returns that were likely forged." πŸ‘€

10:21 PM
Lily Tabanera


10:22 PM
Louise Ferrer

Oooh πŸ‘€

10:25 PM

They're sooo *satisfying* to watch! (inlove)

10:57 PM

Have you seen his vids???? πŸ₯°

5:27 AM

Ang cool, her mom had the same job for PAL in the '90s! ☺️

6:47 AM

Her voice is sooooo soothing!

6:56 AM


8:38 AM
Lily Tabanera

As a Scorpio, I feel SEEN! 😲😲😲

8:50 AM
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