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More deets on this Balinese-inspired villa here:

5:09 AM
Patricia Baes

Oh mannn I need this dessert in my life! I'm a sucker for both cookies and s'mores—now imagine them together (inlove)

6:19 AM
Christa I. De La Cruz

So glad it's the weekend because we're just....tired. Here are resorts to visit near Manila if you want to take a break:

1:06 AM
Mia Rodriguez

And if a beach isn't really your thing right now, check out these cool homes and spaces! BRB, gonna obsess over every pic and imagine I was chilling there (happycry)

8:32 AM
8:34 AM

Definitely bookmarking this villa in Batangas (inlove) (📷 AirBnB Casa Kalinaw)

8:35 AM

Hope to visit those places soon! 😊

9:43 AM

If you're getting started on your shopping for Christmas, check out our shopping list for November!

9:44 AM
9:46 AM

So cute!😍

9:46 AM
Jo Manalastas

If you haven't seen it yet, make sure to check out the short animated film that Disney posted today. It "stars" the Philippine parol. (heart)

7:15 AM

I miss road trips! Anyone else thinking of getting away, even for just a day?

10:07 PM
Patricia Baes

I love a good seafood dish, and I'm super happy to have had the pleasure of trying out Le Petit Souffle's Squid Ink Rice Tray the other day!

1:51 AM
1:52 AM

It's got tons of seafood surrounded by custardy eggs and squid-ink rice—and as you can imagine it's really rich and full of umami, though it does come with lemon wedges that help balance things out. Super good stuff!

1:52 AM
Jo Manalastas
4:48 AM
Patricia Baes

These cheese rolls by Miss B’s Infused Honey went great with my mid-afternoon coffee the other day!

6:32 AM
6:32 AM

There are two variants—the Sugared Cheese Roll and the Creme Brûlée! Both have a flaky pastry (which is heavenly when heated) and sweet cheese filling, but I especially enjoyed the Creme Brûlée version as it had a caramelised-sugar topping that really brought each bite to new heights! (Make sure to let it cool briefly if you’re reheating the rolls though, as it gets really hot)

6:32 AM

Stay safe and dry, Spotters!

9:42 PM

Marikina residents Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones have helped out in the rescue efforts by checking on the residents in their village.

7:27 AM
Mia Rodriguez

Anyone else remember when a trip to CD-R King was a must whenever at the mall? There was a time they even had more branches than Mang Inasal. Read more about how this shop became ubiquitous—and then pretty much disappeared.

2:36 AM
Jo Manalastas

Season 4 of The Crown is now on Netflix, and there's plenty to be excited about. Besides the introduction of Margaret Thatcher, this season also looks back on how Prince Charles met Diana Spencer. Here's the lowdown:

6:46 AM

Looking for ways to help those who have been affected by the typhoon? This story lists the donation drives set up by local brands to help Marikina shoemakers.

7:41 AM
Patricia Baes

I love hotdogs in pretty much any way, shape, or form. But I must admit I only got to try Korean-style hotdogs recently—and it’s a shame, really, because they’re really good stuff! One especially good version I got to try lately is that by Gorae Hotdog:

8:01 AM
8:01 AM

Aside from looking totally rad, these are great because the hotdogs they use have a good bite to them. The ratio of hotdog to batter is just right, too—the batter isn’t too thick that it overpowers the dogs. I especially enjoyed the ones with the French-fry coating; it’s practically like having two treats in one bite (inlove)

8:02 AM

Read more about them here:

8:02 AM

This reminds me of halmeoni who owns a hot dog cart in the K-Drama Start-Up (eek)

8:13 AM

Starbucks lovers and tumbler collectors, get excited because it'll be even more convenient to shop their cute mugs and tumblers! Read more:

4:21 AM
Jamie Sanchez

Now I have LSS! 🤣

4:34 AM
Jo Manalastas

Me too (laugh)

4:37 AM

This story had me googling to refresh my memory about what I learned from high-school physics. (nerd)

6:29 AM
10:50 PM
Patricia Baes

Got to try this excellent Tres Leches tin cake from Bite.MNL yesterday!

12:30 AM
12:30 AM

Tres leches is one of those cakes that’s deceptively simple—because you’re showcasing the pure flavor of milk, the quality of the ingredients really matters. I think they succeeded with that here; it’s got real whipped cream and a moist, milk-soaked cake base that’s barely sweet. I also love the touch of cinnamon on top, which adds just the right amount of warmth without taking away from the flavor of the milk!

12:30 AM
Patricia Baes

Raise your hands if you like your cookies on the thick and chewy side! I sure do, so these C.C.M. Cookies by B's Patisserie were really quite a treat:

6:59 AM
7:00 AM

C.C.M. stands for chocolate, cornflakes, and marshmallows—and the combo totally works! The cornflakes add a welcome crunch and nuttiness while the mallows amp up the chewiness in the thick dough. They're especially good after a quick (2-3 minute) pop in the oven toaster!

7:01 AM
Mia Rodriguez

Oh my goodness those cookies look like clouds! (inlove)

7:44 AM

Anyone settling in for a night of binge-watching? We have a couple recommendations from Spot readers on what to watch next—in terms of K-Dramas! There's a whole lot of titles available right now so check out this prime selection, courtesy of Spotters, to help you narrow down your choices.

7:46 AM

TGIF, Spotters! Here's something for book lovers out there:

4:45 AM

I can't help reminiscing the previous editions—the long lines, book signing events, among others. Still, happy this is pushing through virtually!

4:47 AM
Jo Manalastas

Calling all bookworms! If you've already started shopping for the people on your Christmas list, this is a great option for nephews and nieces who love to read (heck it would make a great gift to self, too):

6:44 AM
Patricia Baes

I love a good strawberry dessert, so I was really happy to have gotten to try FRNK’s new Flourless Ichigo Chizu Cake last weekend!

8:29 AM
8:29 AM

First off, it’s so light—I’d describe it as being a cross between a mousse and a souffle cheesecake, and it’s so ethereal that it literally melts in your mouth. And while it’s definitely creamy, you can really taste the tart and fresh berries in the strawberry layer!

8:29 AM
11:56 PM

I remember going there once and being careful too (laugh)

11:59 PM
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