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МИД России

💬#Zakharova: Oil produced in Libya is a national treasure of all Libyan people. Libyans must manage their natural resources without any outside interference. ☝️However, appropriate conditions need to be created for this. 🔗bit.ly/39d3Xux

3:42 PM

💬 #Zakharova: Our underlying belief is that #oil produced in #Libya is a national treasure of all #Libyan people. Each of the country's three historical provinces has the right to have equal opportunities to receive income from the use of oil resources. is.gd/kLPo2L

6:19 AM

💬 #Zakharova: #Russian On July 17, the tanker #CuracaoTrader was attacked in the Gulf of #Guinea. 7 #Russian crew members were captured. We are taking all necessary steps to determine their whereabouts and have them released. is.gd/gxmLO2

7:45 AM

💬 'There could be no military solution to the Libyan crisis.' 🔗 Read Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail #Bogdanov’s interview with Egyptian newspaper Al Ahram: is.gd/jKxqoA #Libya #Egypt #Africa #NorthAfrica #BlueNile #Ethiopia #Interview

9:37 AM

🇷🇺🇮🇷 Foreign Ministers Sergey Lavrov & Javad Zarif hold talks in Moscow. 📸 #PhotoOfTheDay

12:36 PM

🇷🇺🇪🇬 On July 21, Sergey #Lavrov and Minister of Foreign Affairs of #Egypt Sameh Shoukry discussed the situation in the #MiddleEast & North #Africa with a focus on the #Libyan crisis. is.gd/DgzN4n

6:54 AM

💬 #Lavrov at the talks with @JZarif: Chances for the #JCPOA to return to a sustainable course are still there. At least we 🇷🇺, like our #Iranian 🇮🇷 friends, are doing our best to make this happen. is.gd/DSRSpI #Russia #Iran

6:54 AM

💬 #Lavrov at the talks with Foreign Minister of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif: Chances for the #JCPOA to return to a sustainable course are still there. At least we 🇷🇺, like our #Iranian 🇮🇷 friends, are doing our best to make this happen. is.gd/DSRSpI #Russia #Iran

6:55 AM

💬 #Lavrov: Problems in any part of the world should be settled through dialogue aimed at balancing the interests of the concerned states. Every country has its own legitimate interests in their home regions and these must be respected. is.gd/QtCEV1 #Russia #Iran

6:56 AM

💬 #Lavrov at the talks with Algerian Foreign Minister Sabri Boukadoum: We 🇷🇺 and our #Algerian 🇩🇿 friends are interested in coordinating new economic, investment, cultural, educational & defence cooperation projects, including on the international stage. is.gd/fMJGM8

11:20 AM
МИД России

📃Joint Statement following the High-Level #Russian-#Turkish Consultations on Libya, Ankara, July 22, 2020 The Russian Federation and the Republic of #Turkey, whose leaders proposed an initiative on January 8, 2020 in Istanbul to de-escalate the situation on the ground and to advance the political process in #Libya, - reaffirming their unwavering commitment to the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of Libya, as well as to the goals and principles of the #UN Charter; - expressing confidence that the #Libyan conflict cannot be resolved by military means but can only be settled through a political process consisting of and led by #Libyans facilitated by the UN; - noting the need to combat terrorists and terrorist groups recognised as such by the UN Security Council; - reaffirming their commitment to continue bilateral cooperation in order to achieve security and stability in the country, as well as to improve the humanitarian situation there, Have agreed on the following: 1⃣ To continue joint efforts, including influencing the Libyan parties, in order to create conditions for a lasting and sustainable ceasefire in Libya. 2⃣ To contribute to the advancement of the intra-Libyan political dialogue in accordance with the decisions of the #Berlin Conference on Libya (held on January 19, 2020) and in coordination with the UN. 3⃣ To call on the warring parties to take measures to ensure safe humanitarian access and provide urgent assistance to all those who need it. 4⃣ To consider establishing a Joint Working Group on Libya and holding the next round of consultations in #Moscow in the near future.

1:37 PM

❗️Comment by the Information and Press Department regarding an attack on Russian journalists in the United States A Channel One #television crew has been attacked by #police in #Portland, United States, today. The law enforcers beat the journalists and destroyed their professional equipment. We regard such deliberately aggressive actions by #US law enforcers against journalists as unacceptable. We urge the concerned #American agencies to ensure the appropriate treatment of media representatives in accordance with the international obligations the United States has assumed voluntarily in the field of human rights and #freedom of the #media. It is not the first example of a disproportionate use of police force against #Russian journalists in the United States. In this connection, we have to once again appeal to the international organisations responsible for protecting the rights, freedoms and safety of journalists.

1:49 PM
1:49 PM
1:49 PM
1:49 PM

FM #Lavrov: 💬If we want to bring a sustainable solution to the problems in the #MiddleEast & North #Africa, all external players must encourage the conflicting parties to start a dialogue & reach agreements based on compromises & a balance of interests.🔗is.gd/1LPWQ5

3:34 PM

🇷🇺🇧🇭 On July 22, Sergey #Lavrov & Foreign Minister of #Bahrain Abdullatif Al Zayani had a telephone conversation. They focused on current issues of maintaining close foreign policy coordination & boosting business, cultural and educational cooperation. is.gd/r896Li

5:24 AM

❗ The “occupation doctrine” of #Estonia, #Latvia & #Lithuania is a purely political project aimed at advancing claims to #Russia and falsifying that period of history. 🔗 Read the comment on the 80th anniversary of their incorporation into the #USSR: is.gd/Yg8FEb

7:37 AM

🇷🇺 #Briefing by Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria #Zakharova, Moscow, July 23, 2020 is.gd/qY5pWZ #Russia #Lavrov #coronavirus #COVID19 #UN #UNGA #HumanRights #Syria #WhiteHelmets #USA #Africa #Lithuania #Japan #WWII #Peru #Japan #Ukraine #Donbass

6:08 AM

🇷🇺🇹🇷 On July 23, Sergey #Lavrov spoke with Minister of Foreign Affairs of #Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu. They exchanged views on the current situation in the South #Caucasus in connection with the recent escalation of violence between #Armenia and #Azerbaijan. is.gd/K2YKLL

6:59 AM

🇷🇺🇭🇺 On July 23, Sergey #Lavrov had a conversation with Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of #Hungary Peter Szijjarto. They discussed topical aspects of bilateral relations, and a number of international issues. is.gd/hDrTqR

7:01 AM

🇷🇺🇺🇳 Sergey #Lavrov at talks with President of the 75th session of the @UN General Assembly Volkan Bozkir: We should all do our best to focus on the unification agenda, emphasising the importance of strengthening the central coordinating role of the #UN. is.gd/biZ2Mk

7:19 AM

🇷🇺🇺🇳 Sergey #Lavrov at talks with President of the 75th session of the UN General Assembly Volkan Bozkir: We should all do our best to focus on the unification agenda, emphasising the importance of strengthening the central coordinating role of the #UN. is.gd/biZ2Mk

7:19 AM

💬 First Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir Titov: If #EU #cyber sanctions become a reality, we will not leave it unanswered. However, prohibitive measures in international relations put us on a dead-end track. We can deal with differences through dialogue. is.gd/lR15RO

7:20 AM

❗ We reaffirm #Russia’s commitment to obligations regarding the peaceful exploration and use of outer #space by all states without discrimination. The tests conducted by the Russian Defence Ministry on July 15 have not endangered any space object. is.gd/tZmY1F

12:17 PM

🇷🇺 Deputy Director of the Information and Press Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexey Zaytsev will hold a #briefing on current #ForeignPolicy issues at 3 pm (GMT+3) on July 30. He will answer #media questions received by the call centre. is.gd/L8F3no

11:17 AM
МИД России

Maria #Zakharova: 💬The tension in relations with #Beijing being provoked by #Washington is seriously complicating international affairs. Together with the other #UNSC members, #US & #China bear a special responsibility for maintaining global stability. 🔗is.gd/cI59Af

2:39 PM

🇷🇺 On July 28, we learned that the @Google has again blocked #Russian #news resources on a large scale. This is yet another example of political #censorship, a violation of freedom of speech and the principle of equal access to information. is.gd/q3BYP7

8:15 AM
МИД России

📄Briefing by Deputy Director of the Information and Press Department Alexey Zaytsev, #Moscow, July 30, 2020 🔗is.gd/LVOxm0 #Russia #Diplomacy #coronavirus #Venezuela #USA #RussiaAfrica #Balkans #EU #Crimea #Facebook #media #Ukraine #Afghanistan #Slovenia #Armenia

2:01 AM
МИД России

☝❗We are perplexed and upset by the decision of the European Union Council on July 30 to introduce unilateral restrictions on a number of citizens and entities of #Russia, as well as the PRC and the #DPRK. Once again, this is being done without any grounds, under the far-fetched pretext of involvement in cyber incidents in the past. The political connotations of this move are obvious. We have repeatedly warned the #EU about the harm of multiplying unilateral sanctions. Moreover, they are absolutely illegal in the context of international law. Commitment to collective multilateral decisions is of particular importance in the dynamically developing cross-border digital space. There is a demand for joint efforts to elaborate universal rules, norms and principles for the responsible conduct of states in the information space. Russia has long been suggesting such an approach. #Moscow has repeatedly suggested to the EU developing a professional dialogue on concerns in the information area or using the existing channels and mechanisms in the #UN and #OSCE. But instead, #Brussels chose to use the sanctions toolkit, approved on paper a year ago. It cynically presented this move as a promotion of international security and stability in cyber space. One can conclude that the EU prefers a policy of unilateral pressure and restrictions to a serious conversation leading to a resolution of differences and buildup of mutual trust. This approach leads to new political confrontation and cyber chaos rather than a rules-based order about which our EU partners like to talk so much, forgetting about the central role of the UN. We noted the obviously fallacious logic of the EU: Russian citizens are accused of involvement in a 2018 cyber incident, that is, that happened a year before the institution of the mechanism of cyber sanctions that the EU has used now. In other words, they are using it retroactively. Apparently, EU lawyers deliberately forgot that the law is not retroactive. Once again, we strongly urge the EU to give up its futile attempts at exerting pressure, to return to implementing the basic norms of international and European law, and to draft effective rules for preventing conflicts in cyber space, not in words but in deeds. Needless to say, the EU’s unfriendly action will not go unanswered. In diplomacy, everything is reciprocal.

6:35 AM

☝❗We have taken note of an article posted on the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) website saying that missile defence is allegedly becoming an element of rivalry between the great powers. Citing an unnamed Pentagon official, the article claims that #Russia and #China are developing several increasingly sophisticated missile defence systems in the context of rivalry with the United States. As follows from the text, the #US military sees this as a threat. We take this post as part of a targeted disinformation campaign seeking to discredit Russia. Clearly, there are unscrupulous attempts to ascribe to us some aggressive and dangerous plans, this time in missile defence. Unmistakably, this is about the United States trying to justify its own large-scale and expensive programmes for creating and modernising weapons and plans to build up its military presence around the world. In order to substantiate these efforts by the United States to ensure overwhelming military superiority to the detriment of the security interests of other states, #Pentagon propagandists are using the traditional “rivalry between powers” approach. By itself, this fake news usually does not contain an in-depth analysis or even a balanced reflection of the situation. The attempts to create the appearance of a “responsible” US approach to anti-missiles made in the article do not hold water and are doomed from the start. We can begin by saying that Washington threw out the 1972 ABM Treaty, thus destroying one of the pillars of the global strategic stability system. Of course, the article doesn’t mention this. The fact that the United States has carried out numerous destabilising anti-missile projects is not mentioned, either. Notably, the US military is deploying strategic missile defence infrastructure not only within the national boundaries of the United States, but around the world, which makes it a global system in nature. Washington is also thinking about developing the space segment of its missile defence system, in fact, planning to deploy attack weapons in outer space. In addition, in the context of missile defence at the doctrine level, the Pentagon has left open the possibility of delivering preventive “disarming” strikes against other countries in order to destroy missiles before they are launched. Moreover, the United States claims these are defensive actions. It is important to understand that the fast-expanding architecture of the US missile defence system is changing the strategic balance of forces in the sphere of offensive weapons, creates major additional global instability risks and contributes to forming dangerous conditions for stepping up a nuclear and space arms race. Russia has repeatedly expressed concern over unilateral and unrestricted US moves to deploy a global missile defence system. After the United States scrapped the ABM Treaty, Russia has more than once come up with initiatives designed to remove any “annoyances” and to establish cooperation in the anti-missile sphere. Washington and its allies have refused to move in this direction and are reluctant to take Russia’s interests into account. So, the desire to shift onto us the responsibility for the situation created by the United States is at least unseemly. Once again, we urge #Washington to take a responsible position and to take a critical look at its missile defence plans, which, if implemented, will not be beneficial for the security of either the United States or its allies. It would also be helpful to abandon these tactics of shifting responsibility to others, which is undignified behaviour for a great power, in order to divert the attention of #Americans and the entire international community from their own actions of seeking to ratchet up tensions and break the international stability system. More than ever before, the world doesn’t need rivalry, which the current US administration is betting on, but cooperation, especially in security. We are ready to discuss missile defence issues with the United States as part of a bilateral strategic dialogue.

6:47 AM

🇷🇺🇧🇾 Russia's Ambassador in Belarus Dmitry Mezentsev: We insist our citizens be released asap. ☝️ There are NO facts to substantiate the suspicion that they were plotting mass riots. We closely cooperate with Belarusian law enforcement and lawyers. ➡️ t.co/DAWql6sPHt

10:29 AM

🇷🇺 Deputy Director of the Information and Press Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexey Zaytsev will hold a #briefing on current #ForeignPolicy issues at 3 PM (GMT+3) on August 6. He will answer media questions received by the call centre 🔗 is.gd/pEsQhr

5:29 AM

❗ #Russia firmly believes that the #INF Treaty should have been preserved. It was possible and necessary to duly mitigate the crisis around it. We hope the #US will display an interest in a responsible approach. is.gd/kM8wmo #INFTreaty #Security #ArmsControl

8:09 AM

❗ We strongly condemn the attack on a prison in eastern #Afghanistan by ISIS terrorists, which killed at least 29 people on August 3. We call on the Afghan authorities & the command of the #US & #NATO forces deployed there to destroy any ISIS strongholds. is.gd/vHcgsq

9:09 AM

🇷🇺 Over the past 25 years, #Russia has always been deeply involved in all #MTCR projects. We call for the Regime to focus on technology and admit new members only if they have major #rocket & #space potential and can make a tangible contribution. is.gd/rSmPIw

9:10 AM

💬V.V.#Putin🇷🇺: “We in Russia share the grief of the Lebanese people. Please convey my words of sympathy and support to the victims’ families and friends and wishes for a speedy recovery to the injured”. 🔗bit.ly/3k9HfZf

5:31 PM

❗ We resolutely condemn the #Israeli Air Force carried out strikes on #Syrian military positions & express serious concern over yet another aggravation of relations between #Israel and #Syria. We support Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. is.gd/fu3lxA

4:16 AM

❗ On August 4, a large explosion at the Port of #Beirut killed many people and caused significant destruction. #Russia is developing a plan to provide emergency humanitarian aid to the friendly nation of #Lebanon to relieve the disaster 🇷🇺🇱🇧 is.gd/a2k7FY #RussiaHelps

11:13 AM
МИД России
12:14 AM
МИД России

📄Briefing by Deputy Director of the Information and Press Department Alexey Zaytsev, Moscow, August 6, 2020 🔗is.gd/VLP1Yu #Russia #Lavrov #coronavirus #HiroshimaNagasaki #NeverAgain #Memory #History #WWII #OSCE #US #Germany #RussiaAfrica #Singapore #Afghanistan

2:24 PM

💬 Deputy Director of the Information and Press Department Alexey Zaytsev: We hope #Norway will pursue a responsible policy in the North and refrain from actions that undermine regional stability and damage bilateral relations. is.gd/1BDXqd

8:09 AM

❗ We regard the move by the administration of #Twitter, following #Facebook, to label #Russian media accounts as state-affiliated, while Western media outlets financed by the government remain unlabeled, as a violation of the key democratic principles 🔗 is.gd/RHeT4d

8:13 AM
8:13 AM
8:13 AM
8:13 AM

❗ The #US is illegally occupying territories in the northeast & south of #Syria. It is taking part in robbing & illegally trading in the country’s natural resources that are the asset of all #Syrians. We are seriously concerned about these illegal actions is.gd/PCNlRA

8:16 AM

💬 Plans to build up 🇺🇸 #US military presence in 🇵🇱 #Poland deal a serious blow at the 1997 #Russia-#NATO Founding Act, in accordance with which NATO gave up on additional permanent deployment of substantial combat forces in NATO member states. is.gd/2MllGa

8:59 AM
МИД России

MFA's Spokeswoman Maria #Zakharova: 💬We consider the unreasonably harsh restrictive action of the #US side in relation to #TikTok, to be a violation of a wide range of Washington's international obligations to ensure free distribution of information. 🔗is.gd/B6Q7OU

9:12 AM

The consistent normalisation of #Russian-#Georgian relations is an important element of the effort to ensure full-fledged stability & security in the South Caucasus. #Russia has always cherished the bonds of friendship with the neighbourly Georgian people▶️is.gd/BP7Y2u

9:12 AM
МИД России

The #Estonian media have published a series of stories in the run-up to the 40th anniversary of #1980SummerOlympics. They aim to discredit the historical event & its positive effect for the development of the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic’s economy▶️is.gd/uQP6gj

4:18 AM

The #Estonian media have published a series of stories in the run-up to the 40th anniversary of #1980SummerOlympics. They aim to discredit the historical event & its positive effect for the development of the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic’s economy▶️ is.gd/uQP6gj

4:18 AM
МИД России
12:47 PM
1:35 PM

#Lavrov: 🇷🇺🇩🇪We have held constructive, trust-based talks with Heiko Maas. We reaffirmed mutual desire to further promote cooperation in economy, science, education, culture & humanitarian exchanges. We focused on completing construction of NordStream2. 🔗bit.ly/3iyqZ2d

1:35 PM
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1:39 PM
2:09 PM

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