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The Daily Mirror Daily News Round-up bringing you the most impact headlines and their stories everyday.

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The Daily Mirror Daily News Round-up bringing you the most impact headlines and their stories everyday.

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Daily Mirror Audio- Suresh opens up on Sacred Spaces Suresh, the frontman, vocalist, lyricist and a founding member of Stigmata, speaks to Daily Mirror on the new Stigmata single 'Sacred Spaces: Solve et Coagula' and on how he survived COVID-19

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Govt. didn’t hide any information in relation to COVID - Ali Sabry Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) National List candidate, President’s Counsel Mohamed Ali Sabry was heavily criticized during the 2019 Presidential Election for a controversial speech he made targeting the Muslim community. But today, he believes that there’s a definite shift in the mindset of the Muslim community and that they should place their trust in mainstream parties. If he wins, his priorities are to ensure a secure nation, revive the economy and uphold the rule of law. Excerpts :

10:59 PM

Ranil will be remembered as best President Sri Lanka never had - Mangala Excerpts of the interview - Video interview Former Foreign Minister and former Minister of Finance Mangala Samaraweera made a surprise decision not to contest the Parliamentary election.Various claims were made over his surprise move, including claims of a rift between him and Sajith Premadasa, who he had supported at the Presidential election. In an interview with Daily Mirror, Samaraweera explains the reason for his move, his future plans and more.

11:02 PM

Daily News Round-up | 27.07.2020

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Cartoon of the day

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1:49 AM

Daily News Round-up | 28.07.2020

9:31 AM
9:31 AM

On Fire with Easwaran Rutnam | Arjuna Ranatunga

10:02 AM

On Fire with Easwaran Rutnam is a political talk show that features political figures of Sri Lanka. It dives into stories that had made the headlines, and uncovers truths and genuine perspectives in regards to a multitude of topics.

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10:02 AM

Now they are friends

10:05 AM

Singha politico of Pulatisipura who had been highly critical of the former Number One hailing from the same area had a face to face encounter with the latter the other day at the Rest House there

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10:05 AM
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CBK returns four vehicles allocated to her office Former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga has returned four of the allocated fleet of vehicles for her office to the Presidential Secretariat earlier this month considering the financial constraints of the government.

9:24 AM

Illegal distillery raided

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9:27 AM

Daily News Round-up | 29.07.2020

11:17 AM

Daily News Round-up | 04.08.2020

10:01 AM
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