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Alex G


7:21 AM


7:21 AM

Who was the better LB?

7:21 AM

Incredible back 4!

7:22 AM
Dan B

It will be a sad day when the legend stops! 🐐

8:10 AM

In my opinion both these had their strengths of own. While Carlos was the most attacking minded player with his dashing runs and killer shootings Maldini was the most classic defensive type player. It’s so difficult to judge the two but it’ll all come down to preference.

9:41 AM

Also, I’m certain their must be great positional players before our time of viewing. For instance, Djalma Santos of Brazil who appeared in 4 World Cup finals winning 2! Man was apparently capable of playing anywhere in defense. But we can’t compare them since we didn’t personally see them at their prime.

9:45 AM

In the modern game we see more of Wing backs rather than full backs. Time has changed the pattern of play. Whether it’s for the good or bad, it’s for the viewer to decide.

9:48 AM

I really doubt he’s gonna retire that soon. Sure, age is catching up on him but one thing about Ronaldo we all know, he’s a warrior. And this is coming from a Messi fan. Respect

9:49 AM

As for the Neymar saga, both Spanish giants still pushing for his signature with media reports suggesting Barça in lead.

9:53 AM

PSG not budging that easy, but I suspect he will move away before the Spanish transfer deadline Sep 2nd.

9:54 AM

Real Madrid

9:55 AM


9:55 AM

Which club do you think needs Neymar more?

9:55 AM

Personally I don't want neymar back because it would complicate matters. And now neymar brings more off the field than on it

12:40 PM


12:41 PM


12:41 PM

Do you want Neymar at Barça

12:41 PM

Whether one denies it or not, we can’t argue with the fact about Neymar’s ability on the field. During his earlier time at Barça he showed up big time whenever the club needed it. Whether it be at Champions league and during Messi’s injury spell aswell. The only concern for me is his injury problems. But his replacement Dembele, haven’t to date utilized his hyped ability cause of injuries aswell. And this time too, Dembele didn’t show up at the request of the medical services. Another argument would be playing in Messi’s shadow. Who haven’t? Ibra, Turan, Alcacer, Coutinho etc the list goes on. It’s just too overwhelming to play with Messi I guess. Then there’s about Neymar’s off the field theatrics. Brazilian’s have a tendency of it when playing for Barça it seems. Romania, Dinho all had partying problems. Rivaldo was 30 & finished. They served us really well at their peak but long time consistency? None sadly. Only Ronaldo (R9) left in bad terms. I’m not saying, I adore how Neymar left n all. If he were to come back, he should publicly apologize to the fans. But clubs such as Barça always aim to be the best and if so, they should get the best players. Gone are the times where La Masia produced a vast number of World class talents. Especially under Bartomeu’s regime and coaching of stupid Valverde, young players will have a hard time to shine.

1:11 PM

For those who hate reading long 😛 In short, as much as I hate Neymar’s off the field issues, can’t deny his ability as a footballer.

1:15 PM

According to reliable journo Romero, Messi has started practicing with the team

1:22 PM

Good news ahead of the Betis game, with Suarez, Dembele all sidelined due to injury.

1:23 PM
Sasa Nikolic

Impatient to start UCL play-off match Young Boys 🇨🇭: 🇷🇸 Red Star Game starts at 9 p.m. CET

1:29 PM
2:24 PM
2:24 PM
Sasa Nikolic
3:05 PM
Aristotelis B

How many now watching Olympiakos - Krasnodar ?

4:02 PM
Sasa Nikolic

Young Boys 🇨🇭 1 : 2 🇷🇸 Red Star

4:07 PM

Young Boys 🇨🇭 2 : 2 🇷🇸 Red Star Great result for next week game! Go Red Star👏👏👏

4:56 PM
Ahmed Ibrahim

savage guy😄😄😄

12:48 AM

I am with VAR

12:50 AM

I am against VAR

12:50 AM

Are you with VAR or against VAR

12:50 AM

Exactly what mourinho said

3:06 AM
Luqmaan Ali

I am with VAR but there has to be consistency, like Brazil vs Argentina in Copa Semi Final, there were many situations where you would think that the VAR should have made a call, but either way I think it has changed the game for the better

3:13 AM
Dan B

🗣 “I really want to win big titles!” - Coutinho when he left @liverpoolfc. That went well. 🙄

7:05 AM
Alex G

First check in of the 90min Invitational. Waseem is leading the way! Who can catch him?

9:04 AM
Xristos Akopov

Today play SLOVAN BRATISLAVA (SLOVAKIA) VS PAOK (GREECE). Which team you believe to win this match?

1:09 PM

Slovan Bratislavas

1:10 PM

Paok Thessaloniki

1:10 PM

Slovan Vs Paok

1:10 PM
Dan B

People always talk about the class of 92 but they weren’t any better than the six boys we produced at West Ham.

11:08 AM


11:09 AM


11:09 AM

Harry Redknapp says West Ham would’ve won the league if they kept those players. Agree?

11:09 AM

Visiting the greatest stadium on earth. Camp Nou 👐🏽

8:18 AM

Messi corner

8:20 AM
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